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You are here: Home Help RSS feeds
You are here: Home Help RSS feeds
You are here: Home Help RSS feeds

RSS feeds

RSS feeds, also known as 'XML feeds' or 'news feeds', can help you to keep up-to-date with information from the CCC website.

The following areas of our website are regularly updated. Anyone subscribing to our RSS feed will receive information in all of these areas as it is updated:
  • Media releases, news and announcements
  • Publications
  • Crime and law enforcement
  • Job vacancies.

Subscribing to a feed

To subscribe to our RSS feed you need a feed reader (sometimes called an aggregator). Most modern web browsers have a feed reader built in. Refer to your browser’s help page for more information. If your browser does not support RSS feeds, or does not provide the functionality you want, look for information on a range of available feed readers.

Different feed readers have different methods for subscribing to a new feed, but this commonly involves copying the URL of the feed using the 'Copy' command from your browser's 'Edit' menu.

Some browsers support subscribing to new feeds simply by following a link to the feed.

Last updated: 22 June 2014

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