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You are here: Home Fighting crime What the CCC investigates Criminal organisations
You are here: Home Fighting crime What the CCC investigates Criminal organisations
You are here: Home Fighting crime What the CCC investigates Criminal organisations

CCC response to OMCG threat

In response to incidents of violence involving outlaw motorcycle gangs (OMCGs), the Queensland Government introduced new laws targeting illegal activities of criminal gangs in the state.

This included additional powers that enable the CCC to -

  • hold private hearings to gather intelligence about criminal activity by these organisations or associated corruption by public officials
  • have an immediate response function relating to OMCG-related incidents that threaten public safety or an anticipated incident that may threaten public safety
  • issue notices requiring witnesses to attend a private hearing immediately where public safety is threatened.

If a witness commits a contempt by refusing to take an oath, answer a question or produce a stated thing or document at a CCC hearing, punishment will be mandatory imprisonment for a term decided by the courts for the first offence, 2½ years for a second offence and a period of 5 years imprisonment for a third offence. Participants in criminal organisations will be unable to claim a reasonable excuse to refuse to answer questions on the basis of retribution or threat of personal safety to themselves or others.

Additional funding was provided to the CCC for a range of OMCG-related initiatives to establish more teams to investigate proceeds of crime matters and criminal organisations. The CCC is also now able to conduct a high volume of OMCG-related hearings for intelligence gathering and major crime related to suspected OMCG activity. A police and public sector corruption investigative team has also been established to conduct protracted investigations and intelligence probes into potentially inappropriate associations and corruption between OMCGs and police and public sector agencies.

See the Results page for recent activities and outcomes.

Last updated: 26 August 2015
Definition of 'criminal organisation' -

a) an organisation of 3 or more persons—

i. who have as their purpose, or 1 of their purposes, engaging in, organising, planning, facilitating, supporting, or otherwise conspiring to engage in, serious criminal activity as defined under the Criminal Organisation Act 2009; and

ii. who, by their association, represent an unacceptable risk to the safety, welfare or order of the community; or

b) a criminal organisation under the Criminal Organisation Act 2009; or

c) an entity declared under a regulation to be a criminal organisation.

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