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You are here: Home Fighting crime Results Property crime
You are here: Home Fighting crime Results Property crime
You are here: Home Fighting crime Results Property crime

Organised property crime

In 2012 the CMC identified the following current and emerging issues in organised property crime:

  • motor vehicle theft and rebirthing
  • boat theft and rebirthing
  • heavy equipment theft
  • copper theft.

Read the report:

The report includes strategies to prevent property crime.

Key findings

  1. Organised vehicle theft in Queensland is likely to increase over the next two to three years, based on recent increases in profit-motivated vehicle thefts and increasing interstate trends in the theft of vehicles for parts or sale as scrap metal.
  2. Compared with organised vehicle theft, organised vehicle rebirthing is less likely to increase because of Queensland’s regulatory standards.
  3. Organised heavy equipment theft is increasing in Queensland, particularly in rural and regional areas. These offences are likely to continue to increase over the next few years, assuming continued growth in the mining and construction industries.
  4. Most boat thefts in Queensland are organised, and there remains potential for organised crime groups to further exploit this crime type. There are currently weaknesses in boat identification and registration practices providing opportunities for offenders to dispose of stolen boats.
  5. Copper theft in Queensland is largely opportunisti, but the associated harms are significant. Monitoring and early action can prevent the issue from escalating as it has done internationally.
  6. Key factors contributing to organised property crimes in Queensland are the profits involved, property that is not adequately secure; weaknesses in product identification and registration practices (especially for heavy equipment and boats); and difficulties experienced by law enforcement in investigating and prosecuting offenders.
  7. Members of the public and business operators should take steps to reduce the likelihood of their property being targeted by organised or opportunistic criminals.
Last updated: 06 May 2015

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