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You are here: Home Fighting crime Results
You are here: Home Fighting crime Results

Fighting crime – results for 20 August to 31 October 2016

The results on this page reflect the information reported to the Parliamentary Crime and Corruption Committee at the last joint public meeting held on 23 May 2016.

Enforcement activities and convictions

  • Fourteen people were charged with 55 offences in relation to the CCC’s organised crime and criminal paedophilia investigations.
  • Hearings: 30 days of hearings in support of 12 major crime investigations. A total of 38 witnesses were called to these hearings.
  • Criminal paedophilia: 11 investigations were commenced with 6 people charged with 25 child sex offences.
  • The CCC provided support in relation to an investigation into a series of drug-related incidents on the Gold Coast which caused a number of people to have significant adverse reactions causing hallucinations and violence, and the death of one man. Hearings have identified information important to prevent further incidents in the lead up to the Schoolies and to identify those engaged in the supply of a synthetic hallucinogenic drugs on the Gold Coast.
  • Five perjury charges were preferred by the QPS arising out of evidence during the investigation into the murder of a 12-year-old Logan school girl. During the reporting period three further hearings were conducted in relation to this matter which contributed to a successful investigation.

Organised crime investigations

  • 7 organised crime investigations of high-risk crime networks engaged in drug trafficking, fraud, money laundering and other illegal activity. One investigation is still in the covert phase and relates to the suspected trafficking of illicit drugs, namely crystal methylamphetamine and cocaine.
  • The conclusion of the covert phase of six other investigations resulted in prosecutions and further arrests to be made. 8 persons were charged with 30 offences from these investigations.
  • Cold-call investment fraud: 29 people have been charged with a total of 54 offences of aggravated fraud, money laundering and other associated charges.

    Proceeds of crime

    • Work in progress: 97 current civil confiscation matters involving restrained property valued at $49.829M. 30 referred matters awaiting restraint involving property valued at $9.587.
    • Achievements since last report: Assessed 32 new referrals, 15 restraining orders were obtained over property valued at $4.926m, the State was the recipient of 14 forfeitures of property totalling $3.006m. Settlement negotiations were being undertaken in 36 matters involving property valued at $10.492m.
    • Proceeds of crime results since 2002 -
      • $220.182m in assets restrained
      • $85.782m in assets forfeited.


        Last updated: 29 November 2016

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