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You are here: Home Fighting crime How the CCC fights crime
You are here: Home Fighting crime How the CCC fights crime
You are here: Home Fighting crime How the CCC fights crime

How the CCC fights crime

The CCC contributes to the overall crime-fighting effort through specialist resources in intelligence and investigation, a focused use of special powers, and close cooperation with other law enforcement agencies. The following are the key strategies.

Focus on key targets

As a specialist agency, the CCC has to focus on investigating criminal activities that are most harmful to Queensland. Strategic intelligence helps us identify these areas and key persons of interest.

CCC investigation teams are multidisciplinary. They include investigation, intelligence, forensic computing, law, information technology, forensic accounting, and surveillance and technical disciplines.

Recover criminal proceeds

Organised crime is profit-driven, so attacking its profitability through confiscating criminal proceeds is a key strategy. Confiscation investigations also generate valuable intelligence, leading to further investigations.

Read more about recovering proceeds of crime.

Use coercive powers

A key strength of the CCC is its ability to use coercive hearings to gain new information and evidence. Many of these hearings are held to support partner agencies’ investigations that have not progressed using normal police methods.

These CCC powers are used to investigate networks involved in drug trafficking, criminal groups including criminal motorcycle gangs, armed robberies or weapons-related activity. They are also used in serious crimes such as murder, arson or rape.

Read more about the use of coercive powers for investigating major crime.

See also: Information for witnesses

Protect witnesses

The CCC protects witnesses who are under threat as a result of assisting a law enforcement agency. This enables them to safely provide evidence in court about a crime.

Inform the community

Declassified intelligence and research reports are published to inform the community of current issues in law enforcement and crime prevention on topics such as:

For more information on the outcomes of these strategies, see Results.

Last updated: 07 February 2018

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