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You are here: Home Fighting crime Crime and law enforcement news and announcements
You are here: Home Fighting crime Crime and law enforcement news and announcements

Crime and law enforcement news and announcements

Media releases and statments related to our crime and law enforcement work.
Date Title
2015-10-12T18:15:00+10:00 10.2015
Operation Amulet update — 12.10.2015

The CCC has charged an 18-year-old man with drug and weapons offences as part of an ongoing investigation into a drug trafficking syndicate.

2015-10-08T14:45:00+10:00 10.2015
CCC statement on outcome of court matters — 08.10.2015

The CCC is aware of the decisions handed down in the Southport Magistrates Court yesterday and today not to commit four men to stand trial on drugs charges.

2015-09-17T15:25:00+10:00 09.2015
Palm Beach man facing child exploitation charges — 17.09.2015

A 53-year-old Gold Coast man is scheduled to appear in court on child exploitation charges following an investigation by the CCC.

2015-09-15T15:25:00+10:00 09.2015
Strathpine man charged with child exploitation offences — 15.09.2015

The CCC has charged a 56-year-old Strathpine man with 16 child exploitation offences.

2015-08-17T18:50:00+10:00 08.2015
Operation Unwind update — 18.08.2015

Six people have been charged with fraud offences as a result of the joint CCC-QPS Operation Unwind which targeted an alleged cold call investment fraud syndicate operating from the Gold Coast.

2015-08-17T11:40:00+10:00 08.2015
Four men detained after two active boiler rooms raided on the Gold Coast — 17.08.2015

Four men are in custody and two active boiler rooms have been shut-down following a joint CCC and QPS investigation.

2015-06-17T14:50:00+10:00 06.2015
CCC charges primary school teacher with child exploitation offences — 17.06.2015

The CCC has charged a 43-year-old male primary school teacher with possessing and accessing child exploitation material.

2015-06-02T13:10:00+10:00 06.2015
Toowoomba man charged with child exploitation offences – 02.06.2015

A 47-year-old Toowoomba man has been charged with possessing and accessing child exploitation material following a CCC investigation.

2015-05-22T10:45:00+10:00 05.2015
CCC charges Gold Coast man with child exploitation offences — 22.05.2015

The CCC has charged a 68-year-old Gold Coast man with possessing, accessing and sharing child exploitation material.

2015-05-07T12:40:00+10:00 05.2015
Two men to face fraud charges over escort scam — 07.05.2015

The CCC has issued two men with Notices to Appear in court for allegedly defrauding more than 130 people throughout Australia via an online social escort scam.

2015-02-22T16:55:00+10:00 02.2015
Four men to appear in court on drug offences - 22.02.2015

Four men will face drug supply offences after being identified allegedly arranging the supply of cocaine during an ongoing drug trafficking investigation.

2015-02-20T07:35:00+10:00 02.2015
CCC arrest four people for drug supply - 20.02.2015

Three men and one woman will face drug supply offences after being identified allegedly arranging the supply of cocaine during an ongoing drug trafficking investigation.

2015-01-15T16:15:00+10:00 01.2015
Synthetic drugs market is deceptive, dangerous and illegal — 15.01.2015

CCC intelligence indicates the Queensland market for synthetic drugs is expanding.

2014-12-19T14:10:00+10:00 12.2014
CCC releases review of CPOPO Act — 19.12.2014

The CCC has made 17 recommendations aimed at improving the way offender prohibition orders are used to protect children from people convicted of sexual or other serious crimes against children who are living in the community.

2014-12-08T09:40:00+10:00 12.2014
Operation Juliet Wave Update — 05.12.2014

The CCC has closed the final phase of the joint CCC-QPS drug trafficking investigation, known as Operation Juliet Wave.

2014-10-17T09:15:00+10:00 10.2014
CCC and QPS dismantle major CMG-related drug trafficking network — 17.10.2014

Joint CCC and QPS Media Release: The CCC and QPS Taskforce Maxima are executing 18 search warrants at addresses in Brisbane, the Gold Coast, Logan and Cairns. This is the culmination of a two-year joint CCC-QPS drug trafficking investigation.

2014-09-12T14:55:00+10:00 09.2014
CCC recoups $1.6 million from convicted drug trafficker — 12.09.2014

The CCC has today recovered more than $1.6 million worth of assets from convicted drug trafficker Daniel Kalaja.

2014-09-11T15:25:00+10:00 09.2014
CCC charges Ipswich man with child exploitation offences — 11.09.2014

The CCC has charged a 28-year-old Ipswich man with 14 offences for allegedly accessing and sharing child exploitation material.

2014-06-26T15:35:00+10:00 06.2014
Cairns man charged with child exploitation offences – 23.06.2014

A 45-year-old man has appeared in the Cairns Magistrates Court following a CMC investigation. It is alleged that the man possessed and distributed child exploitation material.

2014-03-11T16:20:00+10:00 03.2014
CMC secures largest cash forfeiture of $4.3 million in proceeds of crime action – 11.03.2014

The CMC has successfully obtained an order in the Supreme Court in Brisbane forfeiting $4.3 million in cash to the State of Queensland following successful proceeds of crime action.

2014-02-17T14:40:00+10:00 02.2014
CMC charges 70-year-old man with 54 child exploitation offences – 17.02.2014

CMC investigators arrested a 70-year-old North Lakes man on Friday 14 February 2014 with 54 offences relating to the alleged possession and transmission of online child abuse images.

2013-07-05T16:10:00+10:00 07.2013
Joint CMC-NSW Police operation dismantles inter-state drug network — 05.07.2013

A CMC and NSW Police Force joint operation has dismantled a Queensland-based crime network responsible for distributing precursor chemicals used in the production of methylamphetamine within NSW.

2013-06-13T12:20:00+10:00 06.2013
CMC returns millions to state coffers in Morehu-Barlow case — 13.06.2013

The CMC has successfully recovered more than $11.8 million worth of assets for the State from former Queensland Health employee Hohepa Hikairo Morehu-Barlow through proceeds of crime action in the Supreme Court in Brisbane today.

2013-03-26T10:45:00+10:00 03.2013
CMC criminal paedophilia investigations reveal relentless threat of online predators – 26.03.2013

In the wake of two successful criminal paedophilia prosecutions that reveal the relentless threat posed by internet-based predators, the CMC is urging parents to remain vigilant to the reality of paedophiles trawling social networking sites and online forums.

2013-02-08T00:00:00+10:00 02.2013
CMC escalates readiness to assist police solve violent crimes involving the most vulnerable — 08.02.2013

The CMC and the QPS have been given the green light to fast-track investigations into violent crimes involving ‘vulnerable victims’ – children, the elderly and people with a physical/mental impairment.

2012-12-21T13:40:00+10:00 12.2012
CMC alerts public to evolving illicit drug threats ahead of the party season — 21.12.2012

The CMC is alerting the public to the threat of increased organised crime activity around rapidly evolving shifts in some of Queensland’s illicit drug markets and a heightened risk of public exposure to a range of harmful substances over the Christmas/New Year party season.

2012-12-13T10:20:00+10:00 12.2012
CMC restrains final property in Morehu-Barlow case — 13.12.2012

The CMC has frozen what are expected to be the final assets belonging to former Queensland Health employee Hohepa Hikairo Morehu-Barlow. The Supreme Court in Brisbane today granted a restraining order over more than 150 items, including gifts Mr Morehu-Barlow gave his friends and former Queensland Health colleagues.

2012-11-29T09:55:00+10:00 11.2012
CMC calls for public vigilance to prevent rise in organised property crime — 29.11.2012

The CMC is urging Queenslanders to help thwart organised property crime, warning that cars and heavy machinery are likely to top the hit list over the next two to three years.

2012-09-17T09:35:00+10:00 09.2012
CMC marks a decade of success in protecting Queenslanders — 17.09.2012

The Crime and Misconduct Commission has exceeded a range of operational targets in its tenth year, as detailed in its Annual Report 2011-12 tabled in Parliament on 17 September 2012.

2012-09-07T15:30:00+10:00 09.2012
Operation Lightning strikes at heart of major cross-border drug ring - 07.09.2012

A Crime and Misconduct Commission-led investigation, supported by the Queensland Police Service State Drug Investigation Unit and New South Wales Police Drug Squad, snared an alleged line-up of major crime targets in Queensland and New South Wales, preventing $3.6 million worth of heroin and speed hitting the streets.

2012-08-16T10:10:00+10:00 08.2012
CMC restrains assets connected with alleged heroin trafficker - 16.08.2012

CMC restrains assets associated with alleged mastermind behind a multi-million-dollar heroin ring.

2012-05-30T10:25:00+10:00 05.2012
CMC investigation shuts down major heroin trafficking network — 30.05.2012

The CMC's Operation Storm has dismantled a major drug distribution network, primarily trafficking in heroin, operating across South East Queensland.

2012-02-13T16:45:00+10:00 02.2012
CMC investigation results in drug conviction against former QPS officer — 13.02.2012

Media release about the results of a CMC investigation targeting illicit drug-related activity by a group of police officers in the Logan District.

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