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You are here: Home Investigating corruption Taskforce Flaxton Media Rules for Taskforce Flaxton
You are here: Home Investigating corruption Taskforce Flaxton Media Rules for Taskforce Flaxton
You are here: Home Investigating corruption Taskforce Flaxton Media Rules for Taskforce Flaxton

Media Rules for Taskforce Flaxton

Procedures

Members of the media are welcome to attend the public hearing. Security procedures apply at the CCC’s premises. Anyone attending the hearing will be required to adhere to these.

When you arrive at the CCC on Level 2, identify yourself to reception staff as a member of the media. Following sign-in, you will be accompanied to the designated seating area for the media in the public gallery.

Arrival and Departures

Please ensure you arrive in time to be seated before each session. If you leave the CCC building you will be required to pass through security again if you are returning to the public hearing.


Media are not permitted to conduct interviews with witnesses, Counsel Assisting, CCC staff or members of the public inside the CCC building.

The CCC cannot facilitate interview requests with witnesses. If you arrange interviews with witnesses yourself, these must be conducted outside of the CCC’s building.

CCC Chairperson, Alan MacSporran QC, will not be available for interviews during the hearing.

Inside the Public Gallery

The public hearing will be live-streamed. Therefore, we request silent mode to be activated on all personal devices whilst inside the hearing room. This includes phones, tablets and computers. If your device does not have a silent mode then please turn it off.

Media are not permitted to talk with witnesses inside the hearing room or public gallery.

Please ensure that you remain within the designated media section at all times and ensure that your accreditation is visible.

Recording Devices

Media are permitted to use small recording devices to assist with taking notes and filing stories. However, no audio recording is permitted inside the public gallery for broadcast purposes. Audio for broadcasting, including radio, can be accessed via the live-stream.

Filming / Photography

No photography will be allowed during the public hearing. The hearing will be live-streamed in high-definition.

TV networks wishing to obtain a feed of the footage are encouraged to contact the CCC’s Corporate Communications team prior to the hearing to arrange access. During previous hearings, TV networks have obtained the live-stream details and have recorded the feed in their studio.

Social Media / Live online reporting

Media are allowed to file online stories throughout the hearing and the use of social media including live updating via Twitter and Facebook is allowed.

However, please be aware there may be times during the hearing when the Presiding Officer issues a non-publication order. Media are responsible for their own comments and are responsible for adhering to any non-publication orders.

The CCC will be using the hashtag #taskforceflaxton throughout the hearing.

Assistance or Queries

If media have any queries about the public forum, please contact the CCC Corporate Communications team at [email protected] or 07 3360 6000.

Last updated: 11 May 2018

Lodge a complaint

If you wish to lodge a complaint or provide information about an allegation of corrupt conduct in Queensland corrective services facilities, please lodge your complaint here.


All correspondence to:

Taskforce Flaxton
GPO Box 3123, Brisbane QLD 4001

or email:
[email protected]

Media contact

Email: [email protected]
Phone: 07 3360 6000

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