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You are here: Home About the CCC CCC Strategic Plan 2019–2023
You are here: Home About the CCC CCC Strategic Plan 2019–2023
You are here: Home About the CCC CCC Strategic Plan 2019–2023

CCC Strategic Plan 2019–2023

The following is an outline of the CCC strategic plan and highlights the CCC objectives, strategies and performance indicators.

Objective: Reduce the incidence of major crime and corruption in Queensland


    • Advance major crime investigations and help the QPS solve major crime by leveraging our hearing powers and targeting criminal wealth
    • Remove the financial benefit and support for serious criminal offending by recovering proceeds of crime and disrupting the acquisition of criminal wealth
    • Investigate and oversee investigations into serious and systemic public sector corruption and police misconduct
    • Work with stakeholders to build corruption resistant public institutions through capability development, advisory, auditing and strategic intelligence services
    • Inform public policy about major crime and corruption by providing independent advice to government

    Performance measures

    • Improved public confidence in the work of the CCC
    • Improved investigative outcomes
    • Improved stakeholder engagement

    Objective: Build our organisational capability


      • Develop capabilities to create a healthy, collaborative and innovative culture
      • Modernise our assets, systems and processes to improve investigative outcomes
      • Leverage data to become an insight driven agency

      Performance measures

      • Improved staff engagement and wellbeing
      • Improved systems and analytics capability

      Our areas of focus in 2019–20

      • Illicit markets of high value or high public impact
      • Crimes involving risk to, or actual loss of life or serious injury to a person
      • Crimes against children and vulnerable victims
      • Corruption involving elected officials, misuse of confidential information, and exploitation of public sector resources
      • Stakeholder engagement
      • Critical organisational capabilities

      Strategic opportunities and risks

      In order to meet our objectives we will manage strategic risks and promote opportunities to strengthen our capabilities by:

      Keeping ahead of change: Modernising our systems and adapting our organisational agility to innovate and lead change

      Actively engaging with our stakeholders: Working in partnership with others to inform, educate and empower our key stakeholders

      Maintaining effective governance: Growing a strong governance culture to support compliance and safe-guard our information assets

      Future-proofing our workforce: Empowering our people to develop critical capabilities and to live the CCC values

      Promoting a safe work environment: Actively supporting a safe and healthy work environment

      The CCC has zero tolerance for fraud and corruption.

        Last updated: 28 June 2019
        Our vision

        Safe communities supported by fair and ethical public institutions with an agency focus on those matters of highest threat to the Queensland community.

        Our purpose

        The CCC is an independent agency combating major crime and reducing corruption for the benefit of the Queensland community.

        What we value
        • People
        • Accountability
        • Integrity
        • Courage
        • Excellence

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