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You are here: Home About the CCC CCC Strategic Plan 2018–2022
You are here: Home About the CCC CCC Strategic Plan 2018–2022
You are here: Home About the CCC CCC Strategic Plan 2018–2022

CCC Strategic Plan 2018–2022

The following is an outline of the CCC strategic plan and highlights the CCC objectives, strategies and performance indicators.

Objective: Reduce the incidence of major crime and corruption in Queensland


    • Pursue areas of high threat through research, intelligence, hearings and investigations
    • Pursue recovery of proceeds of crime for the benefit of Queenslanders
    • Raise awareness of emerging crime and corruption issues
    • Provide independent advice to government in order to inform public policy

    Objective: Build our organisational capability


      • Implement the CCC people and culture strategy which has been designed to foster an inclusive culture that promotes employee well-being, collaboration, innovation, and engagement
      • Ensure system performance and continuity of information technology services while enhancing and executing plans to modernise our systems

      Areas of focus

      In 2018–19 we will:

      • Target participants in criminal organisations that are active in illicit markets of highest threat to Queensland communities
      • Respond to the most serious organised crime threats and advance investigations into unresolved major crime
      • Pursue corruption involving elected officials, excessive use of force and misuse of confidential information
      • Collaborate with key stakeholders to implement and monitor a program of reform of the police complaints and discipline system
      • Continue to improve organisational performance through the development of our data analytics capability, the implementation of an integrated case management system, and by focussing on our workforce through targeted leadership development programs, workforce mobility, mentoring and talent management

      Measures of success

      • Public confidence in the performance and value of the CCC
      • Quality, consistent and timely investigations
      • Improved stakeholder engagement
      • Effective governance of our projects and programs
      • Improved staff capability and engagement

      Opportunities and areas of risk

      People and culture: we actively encourage staff to develop their talent and to live the CCC values.
      Safety: we promote a safe working environment.
      Reputational: we value transparency and we are held accountable for our actions.
      Financial: we apply robust investment criteria and strong controls to support excellence in technology, systems and business processes.

        Last updated: 01 July 2019
        Our vision

        Safe communities supported by fair and ethical public institutions with an agency focus on those matters of highest threat to the Queensland community.

        Our purpose

        The CCC is an independent agency combating major crime and reducing corruption for the benefit of the Queensland community.

        What we value
        • People
        • Accountability
        • Integrity
        • Courage
        • Excellence

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